Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A week from tonight, I plan to be in Boquete

It's been a very busy 2012 for me as I prepare for my journey.  I have moved out of my apartment, and and I am sorting through my remaining belongings as I prepare to fly next Tuesday from San Francisco International Airport to Panama City.  I will arrive at about ten PM, and plan to stay in a hotel in Panama City overnight.  Then I will take the morning bus for the seven hour ride to the provincial capital of David, and then another bus up the mountain to Boquete - a 40 minute ride. 

The realization of what I am undertaking is really starting to sink in - this is a major life change.  The support of family, friends, and acquaintances has been tremendous after they learn the details of my plans, and that really helps me maintain my positive attitude in anticipation of a great adventure. 

My collection of exotic wood and the remaining tools from my shop are in storage, and hopefully I will be able to ship them to Panama when I return Sebastopol in June to make the transition permanent if my exploratory visit goes well.

For now, I will remain very busy with last minute tasks, and hope to blog again in about a week - from Boquete!!

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