Thursday, February 23, 2012

I arrived in Boquete yesterday late afternoon. Panama's Chiriqui Province and the Boquete region are incredibly beautiful.  After a good night's sleep, I will leave leave my minimalist temporary room at the edge of town in a few minutes to walk into Boquete for the first time and enjoy a healthy breakfast at Olga's.breakfast and do some exploration. 
After the rooms are cleaned, I will move to my regular room here at Valle Primavera later  today, and write a more detailed entry about my journey and first impressions.  The temperature is indeed perfect, and I'm sitting on my bed in jeans and a light T-shirt at 8 am after sleeping under a sheet and light blanket - all with the windows open.
I have already met several very pleasant and friendly Panamanians - drivers, waiters and the owner of Valle Primavera - who speak excellent English.  It should be easy to manage while I struggle to learn Spanish.
More will be written, and pictures posted about my adventure this evening.

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