Thursday, January 26, 2012

A quick update.  Here's an edited version of an e-mail I sent to the couple who will put me up (put up with me??) in their spare bedroom for a few weeks, and store the meager remains of my life's possessions.  They are former neighbors and great friends.  When people say that the most important and best things in life are friends and family, my experience in a major life change at age 70 confirms that.  I will be blogging more regularly when I settle into my temporary stay with those friends while making final preparations for my journey to Boquete, Panama for my extended exploratory visit. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012 - In five days, I have to be out of my apartment!!  Technically, I will be homeless and living with friends, but with a far more promising future than many who find themselves in that often unfortunate situation. 

Hectic does begin to describe the last two weeks before vacating my apartment - although I think I am sufficiently organized to not be in a state of chaos. 
I have now sold and shipped most of the audio gear that I won't keep.
I just sold my table saw, large band saw and air compressor to a woodworking friend, and they should be gone within a few of days.
Today I will take a small load to Goodwill, run a few errands, and box up all the books and CD's that I think I want to keep, and make a final decision on disposition later.  I will take one station wagon load to the nearby home of the friends who will be housing me for three weeks. 
Friday will be a full day of "driving for dollars" on Friday with delivery runs for an anodizing shop in Rohnert Park.  First south to San Jose in my Volvo and then north to Willits with the Dodge van (400+ miles, although the San Jose delivery may be put off until Monday). 
On Saturday I will take a truck-load of furniture - my big roll-top desk and several other pieces - to a consignment shop in north Santa Rosa near the old site of the Woodcraft store where I used to work.  My neighbor, who has a full-size pickup will help me and make that delivery a lot easier.  Then I will continue organize my remaining upstairs stuff for moving or disposal. 
On Sunday I will take my dining room table & chairs, sofa, end table and coffee table, if they have not sold via Craigslist, to the local flea market for quick sale at low prices.  I will also take lots of non-critical shop stuff.
On Monday, I will again rely on my neighbor to help me move my bedroom furniture and personal items to home of the friends that I will be staying with.  Their kids are either in or finished with college, and they are buying my bedroom set after some remodeling of bedrooms.  It will be a strange, yet probably comforting feeling to sleep in my own bed until I leave on my Panama journey. 
On Tuesday, January 31, I will clear out any remaining goods from the apartment, and will continue to clean out the shop/garage.  The apartment complex manager said I can have a couple of extra days to finish clearing out the garage.  She is the most considerate apartment manager I have ever had, and a real friend.   
Then I will take a break and drink a couple of beers before beginning the final, and less hectic preparations for my flight to Panama and bus ride to Boquete. 
When I finish bringing my remaining worldly goods to my friends' house, I will still have an excess of "personal possessions", and their guest bedroom will be stuffed full and in a state of chaos.  I will sort and organize some more, and dispose of things over the next few weeks.  That process will be repeated  when I return to the U.S. in April or May if my exploratory trip confirms my desire to live in Boquete.

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