Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nice compliment from Boquete

Rainbow over Boquete (Picture from

Just a short blog post today.  One of members of the online community forum (  contributors sent me this private message via the forum members pages:
"Each time I read your comments my 6th sense is...this guys made for Boquete.  Life's short.  There's a peace here.  You'll see." 
With that kind of feedback, my enthusiasm soars.  The above message to me reinforces my confidence in the path I have chosen to explore.  I am sincere and excited about the potential of Boquete as a new home.  As I continue to sort through – and dispose of - my personal belongings and papers, I feel little or no remorse.  I hope to transform myself from simply being a “senior” to becoming an “elder” who can enjoy life and become an active participant in a community.  

The support of friends and family, especially my sister, Joyce, and friends Colin and Carolyn Wilson makes it much easier to get on with all that needs to be done to prepare for my journey.

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